Now that you’ve decided what kind a business you’re starting, you need to work out a name for you’re business. Think of name that people will remember and encapsulates what you do. It also helps if your business name isn’t to long and is easy to spell. This will help those that need to remember your name and make it a lot easier for people to find you on social media and, Google etc…


At the same time you don’t want a name that is too common with maybe a slight variation. You may create confusion between other companies and make your business hard to find on different directories. For example one of my suppliers for signage is Connect Enterprises and trying to find their website on Google is almost impossible but one of the other signage supply companies Australian Visual Solutions is found straight away.


Depending what kind of business you’re starting you may not want your business name to lock you into a certain locality. For example if you’re starting a hairdressing business that you wish to franchise or open many stores across the country you wouldn’t want to lock your self into a name that says for example Hair Street Hairdressing Cairns. But if your business is servicing manly local customers, for example an auto repair shop, you may want to be known as Nolan Street Auto Repairs so when you start promoting your business people will know what you do and where to find you.


Another thing to consider is adding text or a slogan with your logo. It may help your business or seem corny and unprofessional. For example you may want to ad some text under the logo to reinforce what you offer, for example one of our customers business name is Katz Naturally then we added restaurant – café to reinforce what the business offers. If your business is very broad adding text under to logo can help clarify to customers what you can offer.


The use of a slogan may not educate the customer what you offer because the name already explains that. You may want to have something that’s going to reinforce why the customer has come to you in the first place or why they should come to you, for example we designed a logo for a sports company named R & J Sportswear and their slogan is Look Good Feel Good. At the same time you don’t want to have a slogan that’s corny and is out of touch with your market or a slogan that’s going to make the customer feel like your demanding them to come to you.


If you’re choosing a name for an internet based business, its import that you can get the .com domain or if your brand is tied to your country or are also great choices. What about .co? People often misspell it and get it confused with .com Although domain names are getting less import as more people use google just to find the business or click on links from social media. If you can, get a .com everyone knows it and it’s easier to remember. If you are doing a tech related startup and your audience is familiar with .io than this can be another choice. Think about your target audience, and ask yourself. Will these people get confused?


If you’re stuck with deciding a name for your business try to consider some of the things mentioned above and perhaps do a brain storm by your self or with some friends. Then once you’ve decided on a name, run it past some people that may be your potential customers and see what they think. And ask them questions about what they think the business is and what it offers. Even though you may love a certain name the customers may not have a clue what you’re offering and they are the ones that will keep you in business.


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