When people first start a business, one of the first things people think about is a logo. The logo and branding is the fun part. However, depending on the type of business you are starting, you don’t need to spend money on a logo and it would be a waste of money to do so. Setting up an online store with Shopify selling other people’s products, just choose a nice font. Basically for any type of online business, you are better just to choose a nice font and then when your idea/product has been validated then you can spend money on your logo and branding. Save your pennies, and use this money to experiment with different ways to advertise your website. That could be a Facebook advertising campaign, Google adwords or reaching out to social media influencers. Remember, just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come.

Other important areas were you should be spending money on your website, the design of your site and when I say “design” I don’t just mean the colours. It doesn’t matter how great your product is, if it doesn’t convert visitors to buyers you are on your way to failure. If you are not an expert at copywriting (the text on your website) then hire a professional do it.  Suck, at taking quality photos? Again, find a professional do to this, or if you can get away with it purchase high quality stock photos. These are all areas, which are much more important than your logo.

Other things to think about with logo design, does your target market care about the quality of your logo? Starting the next active wear clothing brand, that you hope to compete with the big boys like Under Armor, yes it’s worth spending several thousand dollars on high a quality logo design and branding. Wanting to brand your podcast when you have just started out? The listeners will hardly see your website, concentrate on putting out great content and making sure people know about it is much more important.

Whatever you do, the focus should be on your customers nobody cares about you and your next great idea. They just want to know how the product can benefit the. So it is import that you understand how valuable your logo will be to them. If it’s something that your target audience/customer won’t really care about, then don’t spend money it. Prioritize your spending and when you’ve reached a point where your idea has been validated. Come to me for a quote, and we’ll work together to create a professional and polished image that builds trust and appeals to your target audience.

Here’s my checklist to determine if you need a logo or not.

  1. Have I validated my idea?
  2. Will my audience care about quality branding/logo design?
  3. Will a nice font do the job for now?
  4. Do I have the funds to spend on a logo?
  5. Is there somewhere else in the business where it’s more import to spend money?
  6. Will this logo be printed on a large amount of physical product? (If yes, then spend money on a logo)
  7. Do you have absolutely no design taste? (Perhaps, best to hire Ping Design if this is the case)
  8. Am I likely to change the name of my business in the future?
  9. Is this for a one of event? (Perhaps, if it’s just a small one of event, don’t waste your $$$)
  10. Do I know what kind of logo my audience will like? (You should have an understanding of what your audience likes and choose a designer with a style that will fit that audience)



After answering these questions and you have decided that you need a logo please get in contact with us at Ping Design. We would love to help you out.

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